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April 03, 2009
Metal Gear Online Wiki opens to a very small group of dedicated editors.


April 02, 2009
MGO Reward Shop updated with Balaclava (Type A) (Green, White, and Maroon) and Baseball Cap (Type B) (Crocodile, Python, Zebra, Panther, and Maroon)

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Ravaged Riverfront 01

Old Snake, otherwise known as Solid Snake, or simply "Snake," is only available when playing the Sneaking Mission rule. Unlike all other unique characters, Snake is randomly assigned to a player at the Briefing Mode screen. When playing as Old Snake players must work alone, or alongside Otacon as he pilots the Mk.II

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  • Raiden can deflect any incoming bullets by holding his HF. Blade in an offensive stance?
  • Female characters wearing Haven Trooper gear make a distinct noise while walking?
  • Players using CQC EX can automatically counter any attempted CQC from players with CQC 3 or lower?

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